June 10, 2017
Opportunity Announcement - How to earn 2337 Bitcoin

I just started a new program and wanted to share it with you right away since this is a time sensitive opportunity. First a little background story to put this into perspective.

A few years back, I joined an advertising program called The Online Ad Network (TOAN). It paid based on a 3x10 Matrix. I was lucky to bring on a handful of good marketers and in no time we built up a team of well over 1,000 people. This resulted in a monthly revenue stream of over $1,000. Not bad, considering the great ad service we were getting for our $20. I am the program's top earner to date.

Well, with the program I am about to share with you now, when you reach a team of similar size team as the one we had with TOAN, 1,022 to be exact, earnings would be close to U.S.$6 Million worth of Bitcoin (assuming a BTC price of U.S.$2,500). Just imagine how that - or something anywhere close to that, would change your life.

The programs have differences. TOAN pays residual, so naturally it charges a monthly subscription. This other one charges a series of 9 one-time payments and then you're done. Both are relatively low entry cost, TOAN at $20 and this other one under a buck worth of BTC (0.0002 BTC) to start. Both can easily pay for themselves with modest sized downlines. But big difference is that, with similar sized teams, one pays a nice monthly revenue, but the other pays millions for a similar sized team. And it's this massive upside financial potential that has me excited. If we can build a team like that for $1,000 per month, can't we do it for $6 Million?


The program is called 2X9 BitMax. For tiny initially payments, we receive advertising credits for text and banners ads. And of course an entry into a 2X9 Matrix.
Our Team Ad Co-op Link:

 Team Build & Advertising Co-op Skype Group
I am aligned with a group which is running a Team Build Skype discussion to help people get their matrix going. Just connect with me and get me to add you to the discussion if you sign up. If you want in on the Team Build, get me to add you to the Skype discussion for this right away. You will be adding your referral link to our discussion until you get your first 2 referrals!

I plan to devote 100% of my time on 2X9 BitMax until we build a team of 1,000 or way more people.Look at the combination of features below that it makes 2X9 a no-brainer!

1. Very low starting cost (you can easily volunteer to PIF someone for the first 3 stages for only a few bucks - who wouldn't go for that?).
2. Relative simplicity (I've looked at many BTC related programs recently and they are way too complicated - with way too many moving parts and not enough certainly going forward - not the case here.
3. Massive Blue Sky Upside Potential of 2,300+ BTC with a filled matrix worth roughly US $6 Million
4. We get highly targeted text and banner ads which get displayed on referral pages for us - a very nifty product feature indeed!

So if you have a tiny bit of Bitcoin and you'd like to make that bigger, sign up with us right away!
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